Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From Now On

If you had known who I am, 
you would have known My Father. 
From now on, you do know Him 
and you have seen Him.
John 14
This verse has been such 
an encouragement this morning.
I love the way Jesus relates with His disciples.
Their questions should frustrate Him no end, 
but He lovingly keeps putting truth in their way.
Jesus understood that they didn't really know Him or the Father.
"IF" they had known Him, they would have known His Father.
But He essentially says, "Nevermind all that.
From now on, you do."
He wants to lift them above what they think they know.
Jesus changes their reality with His words;
He decrees their knowing.
This morning, He has spoken the same to me.
I come empty and He says, 
"From now on, you are full."
I come feeling disconnected and He says,
"From now on, you are connected."
I come feeling a lack of love and He says,
"From now on, You are full of My love."
And I allow His life changing words to wash over my mind.
His words have power and they are life.
He says to me with a smile, 
"Nevermind all those things you feel.
From now on, in this moment, 
you have all that I am.
Let's do this day in the 
from now on perspective.
It is so much better."
I sooooo agree with that.
Grateful once again for His mercy and grace.
And His great love for me.

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