Thursday, February 2, 2012

Denying Self

If any man would come after Me, let him deny himself. 
Luke 9:23
True victory over self is the victory of Christ in us.
It is glorying in our weakness and 
allowing His strength to fill that place.
It is not the striving of self, which produces self-satisfaction, 
but the obedience of will, which produces peace.
To deny the self, we can't focus on it.
That is why Jesus continually tells me not to worry
or even glance at my fears when they come.
"Look to Me and I will lead you through the waters.
If your eyes are on Me, they are off of you.
Worrying is just an obsession with self."
Yikes. I know this. 
I am getting better at fixing my eyes on Him.
I need to know it deeper still.

"God's eternal denial of Himself, revealed in Christ, 
who for our sakes in the flesh took up His cross daily, 
will be developed in man. 
His eternal rejoicing will be in God--
and in his fellow--
before whom he will cast his glad self to be 
a carpet for their walk, a footstool for their rest, 
a stair for their climbing.George MacDonald

God's eternal denial of Himself
is revealed in Christ.
I love the declarations in MacDonald's writing.
God's denial of Himself WILL be developed in man.
Our eternal rejoicing WILL be in God and in others.
It is the power of the Gospel in us.
Lord, help be willing to continually deny myself 
for the greater joy of being one with You and Your way.
That I might be a living sacrifice 
for all who need "a carpet, a footstool, a stair."
Grant me grace to deny the demanding pitiful form 
of all life outside of Yours.

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