Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bind My Heart

Mary settled down at the Lord’s feet, 
listening to what he said. 
But Martha was very worried about 
her elaborate preparations. 
“Lord, don’t you mind that my sister has left me 
to do everything by myself? 
Tell her to get up and help me!”
But the Lord answered her, “Martha, my dear, 
you are worried and bothered about so many things. 
Only a few things are really needed, perhaps only one...

The Lord gently spoke to me this morning and said, 
"Kathy, you are bothered about so many things.
Only one is really necessary. 
Seek Me and trust Me 
and all the rest will be added to you."
I am not sure why these day come,
days where I feel restless and distracted.
My head knows this one thing that I desire,
but my heart wanders.
"Lord, bind my wandering heart to Thee!"
He stands with me, ever faithful,
as He allows me, once again, to get still.

You have said to me, "Seek My face--
require My presence as your vital need." 
My heart says to You, Your presence, Lord, 
will I seek and require.
Psalm 27
It is the one thing I know.
And by Your mercy and grace, God,
I will never let go of this one thing.
Your promise is that if I keep this ever before me, 
You will take care of all the rest.
Today Lord, I call my wandering heart back.
Thank You for helping me get still before You.
I seek You and I trust You.
With all that I am.