Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Way of Light and Love

As God's dear children, try to be like Him 
and walk in the way of love…
Live as children of the light. 
The light produces only what is good, right and true. 
It is even possible—
after all, it happened to you—
for light to turn the thing it shines upon 
into light also.   Eph 2

What a privilege we have as God’s children.
When exposed to the light, 
every bit of darkness, 
from thoughts to deeds, 
dissipates like dust in the wind.
The only thing that keeps darkness dark
is fear of the light. 
All you thoughts that don't agree with God's Word:
 I need you to meet Jesus.
Oh that I would continually see how 
His mercy hunts me down and 
helps me drag my dark ways into His glorious light—
those ways that keep me in guilt or unbelief.
Every day, His light comes as love.
I want to live every day in His light and love.
It is the only way to become like Him.
He says to me this morning:
Let your heart be one with Mine.
Bring any dark thoughts and deeds before Me
that I can extend My mercy.
Walk as a daughter of My light in the way of My love.
The light in my children will bring light to many.

Remember that My light can turn the thing 
it shines upon into light also.
That those sitting in darkness might know 
the wondrous reality of 
My love for them.
Jesus, how can our hearts not overflow 
with gratitude for Your great love.

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