Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tests of Courage

Two of the hardest tests on the spiritual road 
are the patience to wait for the right moment 
and the courage not to be disappointed 
with what we encounter. 
Paulo Coelho
I came across this quote by Coelho and found myself 
pondering his words this morning--
not because I don't think about needing patience 
for those things I desire,
but because I don't normally think about needing courage
for those things I encounter.
The courage not to be disappointed.
I have thought about the words perseverance, 
faith, perspective and hope--
but not necessarily courage.
So keep up your courage, men. 
I believe God. 
It will be just as He said.
Acts 27:25
In the midst of our reality, 
we are confronted with circumstances 
that don't line up with 
what we believe God said.
Sometimes we make unwise decisions.
Sometimes we are affected by the decisions of others.
Sometimes we are affected because we live in a fallen world. 
We need courage not to be disappointed.
Courage, from the Latin word cor meaning heart,
is used metaphorically to mean inner strength.
That inner strength comes from our
relationship with Jesus,
empowered by the Holy Spirit. 
So, although we are given many opportunities 
to be disappointed by what we see,
we take the courage afforded us by Christ and say,
I believe God.
He has a good, pleasing and perfect will.
His news is good news. 
And He is good.
All the time.


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