Monday, January 2, 2012

Sanguis Mirus

Quos anguis dirus tristi mulcedine pavit, 
Hos sanguis mirus Christi dulcedine lavit.*

As I was preparing for Latin this morning,
I stumbled upon this Latin couplet 
declaring the truth of Christ.
Although it doesn't rhyme in English, 
the words are so beautiful.
"Those whom the savage snake fed on 
with lamentable bandishments, 
the wondrous blood of Christ 
has washed clean with sweetness."

Lamentable bandishments are regrettable persuasions.
We were those who were (or who could have been)
led around by sweet sounding enticements--
down the broad path of regret.
He came and set us free through His wondrous blood,
and we became a sweet fragrance of kingdom priests--
led down the gloriously narrow path of hope.
It is the heart of the Good News.

This is all my hope and peace: 
nothing but the blood of Jesus. 
This is all my righteousness: 
nothing but the blood of Jesus. 
Believer, you who have come to the knowledge 
of the precious blood...come nearer. 
Let Him teach you; let Him bless you. 
Let Him cause His blood to become to you 
spirit, and life, and power, and truth.
Open your soul in faith, to receive the full, mighty, 
heavenly effects of the precious blood,
 in a more glorious manner than you have ever experienced. 
He Himself will work these things out in your life
Andrew Murray

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