Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Former Life

Since you were taught how the truth is in Jesus, 
change the former way of life
that was part of the person you once were.
Instead renew the thinking in your mind by the Spirit 
and clothe yourself with the new person 
created according to God’s image 
in justice and true holiness. Eph 5

So often I read this Scripture and am reminded of 
my initial salvation that radically changed my former life, 
because it did.
But just yesterday I had a way of life 
that probably needed changing too.
And just yesterday I had thoughts 
that probably needed changing as well.
Yeah, probably.
I love that we can read Scripture like this and be encouraged
that we have changed in huge ways 
from the person we once were--
and be so grateful for the mercy and grace of God.
We are a new creation and we have the mind of Christ.
That is such a reason to celebrate.
But I also love that I can change 
the former self of yesterday,
of this morning.
Repentance, mercy, forgiveness, change.
We are being transformed continually, 
by this Gospel of great grace, 
and never have to settle for "the person we once were."
Even that person of just a couple hours ago.
That is the Gospel of Good News--
the power to save us everyday.
The Gospel that saves saints and sinners.
Because He is THAT good.


  1. This is so encouraging, Kathy! I love the truth that because of His mercy and grace, we get to live a life of transformation - daily! Yay! Once again - that's good news! Thanks for continuing to write down your revelations!

  2. Love you glad to be in this transformational life with you:)