Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now Grace

For the grace of God, which can save every man, 
has now become known, 
and it teaches us to have no more to do 
with godlessness or the desires of this world 
but to live, here and now, 
responsible, honorable and God-fearing lives. 
And while we live this life we hope and wait 
for the glorious appearing of our great God 
and of Jesus Christ our Savior. 
For He gave Himself for us all, 
that He might rescue us from all our evil ways 
and make for Himself a people of his own, 
clean and pure, with our hearts set 
upon living a life that is good. Titus 2

I love that this verse talks about 
living in this moment, the here and now. 
Through grace.
The grace of God, which can save every man, 
has now become known.
Every moment we read this verse, 
it is now.
The grace that Jesus came to give
has to work now.
He gave Himself for us,
to make us a pure people
who belong to Him alone.
His grace instructs us to give up worldly passions
and causes our hearts to desire a life that is good 
and filled with beneficial deeds.
We wait and are filled with hope
at the glorious appearing of Jesus--
through His indwelling presence every day.
This is the Good News.
The grace of God appears to us now
and works in us to will and to do
according to His good pleasure.
It is the only life worth living.
"This new life is starting right now...
fully alive, energetic in goodness." The Message

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