Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the Secret Places

In the secret places of the cliff, 
Let me see your face, 
Let me hear your voice; 
For your voice is sweet, 
And your face is lovely.
Song of Solomon 2:14
Ah! how sweet is that voice.
Speak and let none other dare to speak but Thee! 
Be still, my soul.
Then we can know all things without knowing anything. 
We feel that we see nothing, 
can do nothing, and are nothing.
In this unreserved abandonment, 
we find everything we need 
from moment to moment, 
in the infinity of God.
All truth is eminently contained 
in this sacrifice of love, 
where the soul strips itself of everything 
to present it to God.

This is all I know right now.
I have to hear HIs voice
and see His face of love.
The sounds of life are loud
and my eyes take in so many sights.
In the secret places today, God,
let me see Your face.
Let me hear Your voice.
It is this unreserved abandonment to You
where I find everything I need.  
These moments get filled with You 
and my soul sings 
that all is well.

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