Sunday, January 29, 2012

God is a Rewarder

...He rewards people who try to find Him.
Hebrews 11:6
There are so many reasons why the Gospel is good news.
This is one of them:
God is a rewarder.
He rewards people who TRY to find Him.
We must only believe that He is a rewarder.
We must only try to find Him.
So Father, I keep coming back to You.
Whether I feel like I have seen Your face
or heard Your voice,
I trust that You are pouring a reward over me.
You are giving me more of Your life.
More of Your grace, more of Your goodness.
I love those days where I know that I have touched You.
But I trust You those days where I feel like I have not.
Because Your word is true.
And so I keep coming back to You.
Because everything I need is found here.
You could have said, 
Seek Me until You find Me--
I can't give you anything unless you find Me.
But You did say,
I will reward everyone who tries to find Me.
And who believes I am that good.
Once again, Lord, I come to find You.
You are my great Reward.

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