Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Up and Eat

Then suddenly a messenger tapped him and said to him, 
“Get up! Eat something!” 
1Kings 19
Passages like this bring a sense of reality to my life.
We are confronted by a situation 
and we are not sure what to do.
In Elijah's case, he had just killed all the prophets 
and Jezebel was not so happy.
God sent a messenger, an angel, 
with a message: Get up and eat.
God sends an angel and he tells him to eat?

It's those daily things sometimes.
I sit here this morning and struggle just a bit 
with getting back into the dailyness of life.
We just had a full week of snow, everything shut down 
with the whole family home together for all that time.
It was a beautiful week.
Now, the alarm goes off at a time I haven't seen for a while.
And there is a small sense of being overwhelmed 
with re-entry into the routine and the schedule.
Certainly not hard days and challenging times, 
but the reality that comes in the mundane.
And the Lord comes to remind me 
that it is one foot ahead of the other.
"OK, here is the plan. Get up. Eat. Get dressed."
Where ever the spirit of God is, we can find inspiration 
to do the simplest of things and trust that He is in them.

Lord, I am desperate for Your life today. 
May I see You more clearly today than I did yesterday. 
Your presence is all I need to go and be 
who you have created me to be for this day.
This day is Yours and You have everything I need.
His love is ever present.
With gentleness He responds:
"All your fountains are in Me.
I have all that you need for this day. 
Indeed, I AM all you need for this day.
Keep calling on Me and coming to Me 
and I will exceedingly and abundantly meet you this day. 
My rest is your portion.
My love is your life.
Get up and eat."
He definitely said that with a smile.


  1. I love that! Grace to do the simple things... what a good reminder :)

  2. Anthea! I needed to remind myself that all day long. Oh and right now too...time to go make dinner:)