Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Focus Your Thoughts

Focus your thoughts on these things: 
all that is true, all that is holy, 
all that is just, all that is pure, 
all that is lovely, and all that is worthy of praise...
The God of peace will be with you. Phil 4
In the flurry of thoughts that bombard us each moment, 
the Holy Spirit gives us a command with a key.
There is a whole lotta room 
for a whole lotta thoughts in there.
He gives us keys that we might open 
the right doors of thought.

Things that are true.
Is what I'm thinking about right now true?
In the highest sense of the word, is it true?
Is it in accordance with: 
Lean not on your own understanding, 
but be filled with trust in the Lord.
Is it holy?
Can that thought mix with the Spirit of the Lord
and find a place to dwell?
Is it pure?
Does it have His stamp throughout, 
no trace of human wisdom or fear?
Oh dear.
Is it worthy of praise?
This morning I am aware of how many thoughts I have,
thoughts not in alignment with His word.
There is a promise of peace attached to focus.
And I desperately need His peace.
He is a source of strength 
to those who turn back the battle at the gate. Is 28:6
Lord, You are my source of strength.
The battle is at the gateway of my mind.
I want my thoughts to pass the test today.
I want to answer yes to all those questions.
When my thoughts pass through the grid of Your word, 
they will be worthy of praise.
So grateful You meet me each morning
with mercy and adjustment.
You are my source of strength.
I choose focus.


  1. SOOO timely! I missed your smiling face today but thank you for your thoughts communicated so eloquently here. EXACTLY what I needed today! Be blessed oh dear friend of mine and thank you again for all that it takes to be such a clear conduit for His voice.

  2. yes, a timely word for me too. Been struggling thought-wise earlier this week, but the grace of God...I am re-experiencing the amazing Gospel of Grace.

  3. I could have re-posted this again today and called it new:) Because that's how often I need to be reminded. But I decided to focus on His transforming power today. Because that is true too! The Gospel of Salvation and Grace.