Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding My Rest

"Just as dew never falls on a stormy night, 
the dew of His presence and grace
never covers a restless soul.
Streams in the Desert

Truth is so expansive.
Although we know truth at certain levels,
we are constantly finding we need to know it more.
This morning I am meditating on rest.
I know that I need to find rest in Him, 
but I keep needing to know it more deeply.
If I don't find my rest in Him, 
if I can't quiet myself to hear His voice,
if I don't gain understanding and revelation
concerning Him and His Kingdom--
then I have no increase in my love,
no increase in the responsibility of my calling.
I have nothing new that I must make a demand upon.
I have no new commands that I must obey
so that I might demonstrate my friendship with Jesus.
I have nothing which goes beyond my ability and strength. revelation brings an increase in love, 
new responsibility of stewardship 
and reveals our own weakness.
It requires that Christ be formed in me anew.
It is God that works in me to will and act
according to His good purpose.
It must be God that works in me.
It requires that I rest in Him,
humility and surrender,
which equals His great strength
working in my life.
Jesus, help me see truth about finding rest in You
that I didn't see yesterday.
"The dew of His presence and grace
covers a soul that has found its rest in Him."
That is so what I want.

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