Monday, January 16, 2012

The Changing Familiar

Who doesn’t get excited when, in the midst of the January freeze, 
we see the tip of a green sprout, a swollen bud, 
or a bunch of tulips at the market? 
The other day I ran past a rhodie
with a bud beginning to swell.
It brought me great joy to see that announcement of life.
It was as if God said to me,
“Guess what? I have decided to do it again!”
And I thought of how much God delights in patterns--
our days, weeks, months, seasons and years filled with them.
The child who says, “Do it again Daddy!” over and over again 
perhaps has been closer to the face of God than we are. 
He is the God of  “Let’s do this thing again!”

These repetitions prepare us for change,
whether hour by hour or season by season.
How challenging it would be if today's snow day
instantly became tomorrow's beach day.
I happen to be grateful for this snowy day,
but I also find joy in the announcement 
that the winter will gradually pass,
promising to return next year.
The wonder of the continually changing familiar.

Today, there is the snow and the bud--
the beauty of today and the promise of tomorrow.
Flowers appear on the earth; 
The fig tree forms its early fruit

Arise…my beautiful one, come away with me.
I will keep you filled with wonder.
I delight in doing this all again with you.
Come away with Me."

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