Saturday, January 14, 2012

Absolute Confidence

And thus we become discouraged whenever 
we find that we have been deceived in ourselves; 
the soul, however, that is sustained upon God, 
is not surprised at its own misery; 
it is delighted to find new proof 
that it can do nothing of itself, 
and that God must do everything. 
I know that my Father has 
infinite treasures which He will give me. 
We shall soon become 
independent of trust in ourselves, 
if we suffer our hearts to feed upon 
absolute confidence in God.

What a beautiful perspective 
when we find ourselves, once again, deceived within.
"Delighted to find new proof"
that in ourselves, there is nothing good.
We can point our finger and say to our souls:
Back on the path of humility, 
you wandering one.
Your leash has stretched too long
and you have found the way of pride again.

And to be able to say:
Of course I did.
It is the only way I know when I am not following
the One who knows the way. 
Thank You for Your mercy Lord.
Thank You that You have treasure for me
as I drink in Your goodness and 
lean absolutely on Your strength
 with all that is within me.
Trust in the LORD, oh my heart,
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways, acknowledge HIm
and He will make all your paths straight. 
Prov 3
Lord, continue to help me become 
independent of trust in myself.
May my heart "suffer to feed upon"
my absolute confidence in You! 

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