Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonder...Again...and Again

The most critical issue facing Christians today... 
is dullness. We have lost our astonishment. 
The Good News is no longer good news;
it is okay news. 
Christianity is no longer life-changing;
it is life-enhancing. 
Jesus doesn’t change people into 
wild-eyed radicals anymore; 
He changes them into nice people.

Our culture is awash in immorality 
and drowning in dullness. 
We have forgotten how to dance, 
how to sing, and how to laugh. 
We have allowed technology 
to beat our imaginations into submission 
and have become tourists instead of travelers. 
Television alters our values, 
numbs us to life in all of its wildness. 
We have been stunted by mediocrity.” 
Mike Yaconelli, Dangerous Wonder

I came across this quote 
by Mike Yaconelli and had to put it up.
Again, the word wonder catches my attention.
We have come to see the Good News 
in the same way we see a good movie
or a good novel or even a good cup of coffee.
But the good news of the gospel doesn't really mean good,
not in the sense that we use it.
It is astonishingly good.
It is wondrously good.
It is good in the highest sense of the word.
It is filled with awe, wonder, grace and peace.
It is a gift, which is given anew every morning.
I wish that we had words that were illegal to use
in any other way but the one that would bring it the highest honor.
Words like good, holy, awesome...
Lord, I so want to know Your wonder.
What do You see today that I must see?
I need to see Your beauty and Your holiness
and be astonished at Your goodness
all day long.
I want to sojourn with You
and be led into the adventurous life.
By Your mercy and grace, 
I will not be a tourist today.


  1. I love that our community isn't one that watches a lot of television. We are more fully alive when we engage in life instead of being satisfied watching someone else's.

    May we never be tourists, like you said. We're SO called to ABIDE in His presence, not just visit. I look forward to the days when I do that a lot better. :)