Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secrets of the Season

This coming Friday, the "Sing-Off" 
comes to Christ Church Academy. 
Following the gingerbread competition, 
the 10th, 11th and 12th grade students 
 will give their best a cepella rendition "Veni Veni Emmanuel." 
The entire school will be a witness, and a prize will be awarded to the winners. 
They thought maybe I was kidding. I assured them I was not. 
Teaching is awesome.

As I read the English translation of those verses again, 
the majesty of that song began to overwhelm me. 
I heard God whisper: 
Let them argue over whether the symbol should be called 
a Christmas tree or a holiday tree. 
You have My story in a song that pierces the darkness 
and releases My life in ways that are hidden to most. 
This song is one of My secret weapons for the season.” 

Written during the dark ages, 
the seven verses declare a different name of the Lord-- 
Emmanuel, Wisdom, Dayspring, Key of David, Great Lord of Might, 
Root of Jesse, Desire of Nations.
The ages are dark once again. 
The simple refrain calls us to rejoice because 
Emmanuel will come to us! 
There is no greater reason to rejoice.
“O come O come Emmanuel!” 
Reverence, holiness and awe are defining words of this season. 
 The songs given to us as gifts from the ages 
transcend time and continue to tell His story. 
So, whether we sing in Latin or English, 
in a spirit of Christmas celebration or worship, 
let us recognize the power and majesty in the Christmas hymns. 
I am praying that as the students 
engage in some friendly Christmas competition, 
all will be overcome by the beauty and power of what they hear. 
“Veni, Veni Emmanuel!”

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