Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Secret Name

I'll give the sacred manna to every conqueror; 
I'll also give a clear, smooth stone 
inscribed with your new name, 
your secret new name.
Revelation 2:17
I was reading C S Lewis this morning 
and he mentioned this Scripture.
I have been thinking about this new name, 
this secret between me and God.
We all love secrets.
Apparently God has programmed us that way.
Secrets suggest intimacy.
We share things with those we love 
that we don't share with others.
God stamped us with an eternal secret  
before we are born,
this name that no one else will ever know.
He made each one of us with a distinct quality 
that will mark us for eternity.
It is for His glory.
This morning I am sitting before the Lord
wondering about this name for me 
that no one else knows.
Lord, I so don't want to be shocked when I learn it.
I want to live some measure of this name
right here on earth.
You want me to bring You praise 
in a way no one else can.
I can't get those clues anywhere else.
You are the only One who knows me that way.
And the only One who ever will.
He has a secret--
with each one of us.

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