Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our True Selves

But whoever did want Him, 
who believed He was 
who He claimed 
and would do what He said, 
He made to be their true selves...
The Holy Spirit will lead you into all Truth. John 1,16

Our true selves have nothing to do with
who the world says we are
or even who we say we are.
Our true selves are in Him,
birthed of the Spirit,
destined to become like Jesus.
This season is about the incarnate Truth.
Jesus coming to earth in the form of a babe, 
offending the religious minds
but representing His Father 
to anyone who wanted Him
and who believed in Him. 
In the perfect time, Father released His image 
through His Son,
in the most vulnerable form imaginable.
His perfect love sent in the flesh as a babe.
To us a child is born, a son is given.
Infinite power, infinite strength, infinite love
presented to us in utter vulnerability.
At this season, incarnation is the message.
Anyone can run to power.
We have to be led when vulnerability
is front and center.
The perfect logic of a God 
whose thoughts and ways are 
infinitely higher than our own.
Our cry is that Your incarnate Truth 
be here on earth, as it is in heaven
through us
for real.
Our true selves.

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