Friday, December 30, 2011

He Gathers What We Give

And He said, The kingdom of God is like a man 
who scatters seed upon the ground,
And then continues sleeping and rising night and day 
while the seed sprouts and grows and increases--
he knows not how. Mark 4
I was reading this parable and 
the Lord spoke a word of encouragement to me. 
It is a word of encouragement for anyone who needs it.

Daughter, every note you sing, 
every word you read, 
every prayer you pray, 
every selah you breathe
with a heart of reverence for me...
I gather them as seeds to sow back into your day.
Whether you sleep or get up, 
the seed sprouts and grows, 
through you are unaware.
You give Me that which costs you something
--your time--
and I value all of it.
I pour back abundantly more 
than you can ask or imagine.
Know that I am ordering your day.
Lood for Me and the direction I point
because it is all there.
Believe nothing that does not sound like Me.
Bring everything that concerns you to Me
for I will take care of it ALL.
This day has My blessing, My approval, and My love
written all over it.



  1. Once again dear friend I am convinced that you are my personal conduit of the Word of the Lord. Thank you for each of your postings-but this one feels personal on a different level. Thank you for what these words may 'cost you'. I am only one of many who are encouraged and I am profoundly grateful!

  2. Aloha my friend:) Your words are always so encouraging to me, that you find HIm and His life in the writing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!