Sunday, December 25, 2011

God Rest

I originally wrote about this on Christmas morning 2010, 
and as I was re-reading it this morning, 
I knew it was my entry for today.
That is why I have always loved journaling.
It causes us to remember what we have been given.

God rest, ye merry gentlemen.
Let nothing you dismay.
Remember Christ--our Savior--
was born on Christmas day.
To save us all from Satan's power
while we were gone astray.
O tidings of comfort and joy.
As we celebrate this glorious season,
We can't let anything rob us of this God-rest perfect peace.
We have to remember that Christ was born at Christmas 
so that we could be born into another kingdom,
a kingdom of glorious light.
It is a gift of greatest worth,
a gift to bring comfort and joy 
in the midst of turmoil and darkness.
It is the gift of "God-rest."
Let nothing rob us of this!
Pastor Norm spoke about "God-rest" during 
the Christmas candlelight service,
and I was so impacted by this deep truth.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, 
God comes to conceive all that is in His heart.
God incarnate to dwell in us, 
His life made manifest in our flesh.
"Nothing is impossible with God."
That is what this season announces.
Lord, I receive Your grace to allow Your nature 
to transform this earthen vessel.
Because that is what You came to do.

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