Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Giver of Life

"For the bread of God 
which comes down from Heaven 
gives life to the world...  
I myself am the bread of life." Matt 6
Sometimes in the midst of life, 
it is precisely that which we are missing most--life.
Does my life have life?
Is it expressing the life 
that is Christ?
I keep coming back to the word wonder.
I can't help but think that God
lives with a sense of wonder.
I just don't think you can do eternity
if everything is the same as it was the moment before.
I believe He lives eternally wide-eyed.
"The Son can do only what he sees the Father doing...  
and he will show him even greater things than these 
to fill you with wonder." John 5
I was reading as essay by John Piper called
"Learning from the Mind and Heart of CS Lewis."
Although he recognizes that Lewis 
is not a good source for doctrinal substance, 
he says Lewis has helped him awaken convictions about 
Joy and Truth.

He helped me become alive to life. 
To look at the sunrise and say with an amazed smile, 
“God did it again!” 
He helped me to see what is there in the world—
things which if we didn’t have them, 
we would pay a million dollars to have, 
but having them, ignore. 
He convicts me of my callous inability 
to enjoy God’s daily gifts. 
He helps me to awaken my dazed soul 
so that the realities of life and of God  are seen and felt.
So once again, I look to Jesus and say,
You are the Way,t he Truth and the Life.
I want to know Your life in such a way
that I have true life.
I break off familiarity that says, 
"The sun rose again and it is no big deal."
You are the Giver of life,
and I want to breathe in every ounce of Your life today.
Jesus, You are my life.
Help me be a reflection of Yours.

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