Friday, December 9, 2011

Broken Steps

This I know:
God speaks all the time.
But I also know that
I don't always hear Him.
Today was one of those days 
where I knew I needed to rely on the instruments, 
on what I knew to be true.
This morning, it seemed like I just couldn't hear anything.
"I am still faithful."
I know that, Lord. You are always faithful.
It is my wandering heart that needs to be tethered.

I came across a line from George MacDonald today
that encouraged my faith.
"To seek from Him--who is our life--
as the natural simple cure of all that is amiss with us, 
power to do, and be, and live, even when we are weary-- 
this is the victory which overcometh the world…
to believe in the wide-awake real; to will to wake, 
when our very being seems athirst for a godless repose…
thanks be to Him who perfects strength in weakness 
and gives to His beloved while they sleep.
these are but the broken steps up to the high fields 
where repose is but a form of strength, strength but a form of joy, 
joy but a form of love."
Lord, lead me back up to the high fields of grace
where the air is pure and the light is You.
My steps feel broken, 
but brokenness is strength in Your eyes.
Thank you that nothing separates me from 
Your great love.
Bind my wandering heart to Thee.

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