Saturday, November 19, 2011

What a Privilege

There was a wedding in Cana...
The supply of wine gave out, 
and Jesus’ mother told him, 
“They have no more wine.”
“Is that our concern?” replied Jesus. 
“My time has not come yet.”
 So his mother said to the servants, 
“Do whatever he tells you.”

I was reading this portion of Scripture this morning, 
remembering the time of blessing we had last night 
for Tyson, who just turned 21.
We had invited those who had played 
a significant role in his life up to this point-- 
pastors (including his former basketball coach), 
discipler, teachers, family friends, and a few of his friends.
We spoke a new season over his life, 
one of maturity and manhood. 
We released him to walk that out with
righteousness, humility, integrity and honor.
I saw something in this Scripture 
that related to last night.
When Jesus was at the wedding, 
His "time had not yet come."
When His mother told the servant 
to do whatever Jesus said,
she  released Him into His time. 
Jesus only did what His Father told Him,
but His earthly parent released Him 
into His next season.

I marvel at the privilege God gives us 
as parents to speak identity over 
our sons and daughters and call them 
out of one season into another.
Last night was one of the more powerful times 
we have experienced as parents,
listening to the words of 
affirmation and blessing over Tyson.
The evening was filled with moments 
that were symbolic and prophetic.
A powerful time of calling him 
into maturity and manhood.
Speaking a new season over his life.
Just as Mary did at the wedding in Cana.
So very grateful to Father God 
for trusting us with this
amazing son.
What a privilege.

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