Friday, November 25, 2011

This Present Moment

One of the cardinal rules of the spiritual life
 is that we are to live exclusively 
in the present moment,
without casting a look beyond.
God will then be your guide;

As we are able to live entirely in the moment, 
we can surrender ourselves into His hands,
because we know that He is only good.
Psalm 37 says, 
"Take delight in the Lord and do good;
and He will give you the desires of your heart...
The Lord makes firm the steps 
of the one who delights in Him."
Lord, I so want to live in
Your presence in the present.
There is enough grace for now.
And, just as the sun rises each new day,
so Your grace will rise anew for tomorrow.
I am so grateful for the life You have given me;
I am so grateful that You have given me Yours.
In this season of busyness and Black Fridays,
I want to delight myself in You,
trusting that You will give me the desires of Your heart.
I want those things of eternal value, 
not forsaking the world, but not being consumed by it.
Make firm my steps this day
that I may walk one with You,
loving You and loving others along the way.
Actively engaged in this present moment
all day long.

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