Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Surrendered to His Will

"The life of Christ is this--
negatively, that he does nothing, 
cares for nothing for his own sake, 
and positively, that he cares with his whole soul 
for the will and pleasure of his father...
The truth in Jesus is His relation to His Father. 
The righteousness of Jesus 
is His fulfillment of that relation..." 
George MacDonald

Jesus cried out: 
"Not My will, but Yours be done..."
The will is at the heart of life, 
the life that is the life of Jesus. 
The ultimate question I have to ask myself is:
Do I want what He wants?
Much of the pain I have had in my life 
has been the self-inflicted type. 
I wanted what I wanted.
And so much of the pain I see in others 
is because of the same.
Jesus says to us today, 
"Come sit with Me, 
on the throne of My obedience.
Watch My devotion to My Father.
It was the totality of My life on earth. 
And I remain devoted today.
Let go of your will, parading around with My name on it.
Let go of your way, parading around with My will on it.
The only life is found in doing My will My way.
My life was given as the ultimate display 
of a surrendered will.
Death yourself into My life.
Repent for believing you can have it any other way.
Surrender everything into My loving hands
and you will find life more fulfilling, 
more alive and more abundant
than your life could ever produce.
Say with Me, 
Not my will, but Yours my Father, be done."
By Your grace and mercy, Lord, I surrender all.

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