Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still Waters

"O Lord, be gracious to me, I long for You.
Be my strength every morning,
my salvation in times of distress.
You are a sure foundation
for my times, a rich storehouse of 
salvation and wisdom and knowledge." 
Is 33:2,6
The Lord spoke to me this morning, saying:
My daughter, though you ebb and flow
between uncertainty and confidence, 
I remain steadfast and constant.
I am your strength and sure foundation 
for all you are.
Today, I lead you beside still waters.
There is a depth of peace 
I want to fill you with this day.
Not a peace for the moment, 
but a quietness and confidence
in My love for you that lasts forever.
Those thoughts that concern you, 
combined with thoughts that are not Mine, 
leave you disquieted.
Hold on to My word and My truth.
Rest in Me and allow Me to bring 
My peace deep within.
All Your burdens must come to Me.
So, breathe in the air of heaven
and My strength will accomplish
all I have purposed for this day.

Lord, I bring these words with me today,
trusting they are building a fortress of peace
as You lead me beside the still waters.

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