Monday, November 7, 2011

Set Your Heart

"Set your heart not on riches, 
but on goodness, Christ-likeness, 
faith, love, patience and humility.
1 Tim 6
Set your heart.
It is so easy to allow our hearts 
to just go after what they like.
Earthly pleasures are the natural bent.
Never have to command our hearts 
to go after pleasure.
But every day, we have to set our hearts.

Today, I set my heart on the things of the Spirit.
I set my heart on goodness, patience, humility.
I assume that circumstances today 
will allow me to strengthen those qualities.
Lord, would grace and mercy
 keep me gentle and humble before You.
You are gentle and humble in heart. 
There I find rest for my soul.
I exchange everything that I am not
--patient, humble, good--
for Your extraordinary grace.
It is not I who lives, 
but Christ lives in me.
Jesus, I need You today 
in the smallest detail that I might 
set my heart on that beautiful exchange.

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