Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saved the Best til Now

"You have saved the best til now."

The story of the wedding at Cana is so full.
That Jesus performed His first miracle at
a family celebration is certainly significant.
It wasn't in a temple;
It wasn't a world crisis.
It was a family crisis. 

God cares about the details.
And not just because He is into details,
but because He knows the significance 
of seemingly small stuff.
Wine would later have great meaning.
But at the wedding, it was important "now."
The master of the banquet commended 
the bridegroom for "saving the best til now."
In reality, it hadn't been saved.
It didn't even exist until "now."
Jesus did what His Father had been doing--
He revealed His glory by creating.
He took what was there, 
and not only made it better,
but made it "best."
I believe Jesus is saying to us, 
"I have saved the best til NOW.
It didn't exist, 
but I am ready to demonstrate 
My goodness to you
by turning your water into wine.
Can you believe that I can take what 
you have and make it exceedingly 
abundantly more than you can ask?
I didn't give them enough wine to get by;
I gave them over 150 gallons. 
I have saved the best til NOW.
I am good all the time."

Jesus, what is the "now wine" 
that You want to pour over my life?
Jesus always lives with us in NOW time 
and He is pouring His goodness out!
Help each one of us to believe
"we will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living."

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