Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run and Not Be Weary

Some mornings are clearly marked with choices.
This morning is one of those.
I haven't been feeling good these past few days, 
nothing big, just tired and not the energy 
I need for the fullness of this life.
This morning feels dull. 
I don't know if journaling here matters.
I don't know if I have anything to say.
"It's not. It does. And I do," answers Jesus.
Oh, why do I even go there. 

His word tells us that even the youth get tired and weak.
That means I can get even "tireder and weaker."
That is not the end of the matter.
Those who hope in the Lord
will change their strength and power, 
mounting up close to God; 
they will run and not be weary, 
walk and not become tired.
Lord, I trust You for Your strength for this day.
I shift my perspective to Yours. 
It is so much better.
You are never tired nor are you ever weak.
I ask that anyone who reads this 
would get an infusion of strength 
according to Your word.
That we would each look into Your eyes
and see Your passion for us-- 
and that we would bring that passion with us 
wherever we go, whatever we do.
In the might of Your abundant strength.
Freely I receive, 
now freely I give.

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