Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rivers of Living Water

"If anyone thirsts, 
let him come to me and drink. 
Rivers of living water will brim 
and spill out of the depths of anyone
who believes in me this way..."  John 7:38

If we thirst and drink from the life in Jesus, 
then rivers of living waters 
will spill out of our depths.
Anything that we touch in Jesus changes us.
He says that if we believe in Him "this way,"
we are changed into His likeness in that same way.
As I sit with Him, I must believe that 
He changes me at the cellular level.
The Holy Spirit causes waters to well up 
in the depths of my being.
Jesus, help me to touch that part of You
that changes me to be more like You.
Today I come to drink deeply of Your life
that I become a river of life--
brimming and spilling--
that others may drink of You too.

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