Monday, November 28, 2011

My Real Desire

Yet I am always with You; 
You hold me by my right hand. 
Whom have I in heaven but You?    
And earth has nothing I desire besides You. 
God is the strength of my heart    
and my portion forever. 
Psalm 73

When the love of God the Father 
is made known to man,
the response can only be:
You are my only true and real desire.
All other things are shadows of the substance.
As with the dog who sees his reflection in the water 
and drops what he has 
to get what he thinks he sees, 
we lose everything when we let go of that desire.
There is such deception in my own heart
when I say, God, You are my one desire.
The reality is that I desire many things. 
And I have often grasped at a shadow 
only to find that I was left empty 
and longing for something real.
CS Lewis once said, 
He who has God and everything else
has no more than he who has God alone.
I love that;
I want to live like I believe that.
Father, would You amplify this truth in my life.
I want to live as though I truly believed 
I have no desire on earth but You.
May my eyes be trained to see 
the shadow of all else.
And may I hold on with all I have 
to Your great love, 
the substance of all reality.
I want a new level of faith that comes
by a revelation of Your love.
Today I pray, 
"God, reduce me to love!"

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