Monday, November 14, 2011

Led on a Journey

"As for me, going the way of obedience and faith, 
the Lord led me on the journey." 
Gen 24:27
"But we should continue 
following the truth we already have.
Phil 3:16
When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, 
He leads us on a journey.
But we are also reminded to live up to 
the truth we have already attained.
"What in the heart we call faith, 
in the will we call obedience." gmd
It brings to mind, "I'll bring You 
more than a song...
the heart of worship...
where it's ALL about You."
Each day we are led by His Spirit
and nothing is random. 
Our road is leading us toward the goal.
It was true for Abraham's servant;
it was true for Paul.
And it is true for us today.
Lord, help me hear Your still small voice
and respond by faith with obedience.
I recognize You want to lead today.
This day is full of purpose and 
I want to discover every last bit of it.
Today, by Your mercy and grace, 
I will give You more than a song;  
I will give You my whole heart.

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