Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Humble and Thankful

There are a thousand blessings in humility--
for our Lord bestows his grace upon the humble.   
Humble people are mild and peaceful, 
merciful and compassionate; 
they are quiet, cheerful, obedient, watchful, 
fervent in spirit and incapable of strife; 
they always take the lowest place, 
 and very far from preferring themselves 
before any one.
Fenelon, Spiritual Progress

I love the way Fenelon describes 
the character of the humble:
mild, compassionate, quiet, cheerful, obedient--
far from preferring self over others.
God gives grace to this kind of person.
Only a humble person can be a thankful person.
If one is the opposite type person--
loud, dreary, rebellious, careless, passive,
proud, self-focused --
that one can't be thankful.
A humble man or woman can easily agree 
with Paul's admonition in Colossians:
"Never forget to be thankful for what 
God has done for you."
Lord, I desire to have a pure heart,
a broken and contrite spirit which blesses You.
I want to love You and love others
and choose to humble myself before You.
That is where it must begin.
May I never forget to be thankful.

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