Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grace and Joy

"When he arrived and saw what grace 
God was bestowing upon them, 
he was full of joy
and he continuously encouraged them all 
to remain faithful to and devoted to the Lord 
with resolute purpose of heart." 
Acts 11:23
There is much to be sober about in the world today.
And indeed we must walk in the reality that evil is real
and our nation is in desperate need of mercy.
The calls, the worship, the fasting and the prayer
must only increase.
But God keeps reminding me that this is also a 
great season of grace--and joy.
Psalm 19 reminds us that "the signposts of God 
are clear and point out the right road, 
showing the way to joy."
His promises to us are of such magnitude
that we must see the grace that God bestows
to receive and remain faithful 
with resolute purpose of heart, 
with much joy.
For my birthday I received multiple gifts 
of the fragrance called "Grace."

Body wash, lotion, cologne, bath oil.
They are not duplicates. They are on purpose.
God wanted me to know that 
He is administering grace to me 
in every possible way:
bathing me in it, washing me in it, 
softening me in it, 
filling the air around me with its beautiful fragrance
that I might breathe in grace everywhere I go.
And that others would be filled as well.
Lord, I receive Your abundant grace to 
live this life with Your joy.
That I might remain faithful and devoted
with a heart that wants what You want.
"That Your joy may be fully complete in me."

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