Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Fire, the Light

"Let us serve God with thankfulness 
in the ways which please Him, 
but always with reverence and holy fear. 
For it is perfectly true that 
our ‘God is a burning fire’. 
Heb 12
There are many ways to think about God 
as a consuming, or burning, fire.
We sing about the refiner's fire 
and our desire to be holy.
At times I can hesitate to sing those kinds of words
because I am afraid for what I may be asking.
I was just reading George Macdonald, 
and he challenged me to think differently.
"The man who loves God, 
and is not yet pure, courts the burning of God.
It is not always torture.
The fire shows itself sometimes
as light..."
"The Light was the real thing: 
Every person entering Life 
he brings into Light." 
John 1
This day, Lord, may I simply walk in Your light.
I want to serve you with a thankful heart--
You have given me Your life and this is a new day.
A holy fear comes out of knowing You
as You really are.
If I walk in the light, as You are light, 
You keep me cleansed.
And my ways are pleasing to You.
Refiner's fire, my heart's one desire
is to be holy, set apart for you, 
ready to do Your will.

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