Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Details and Pinholes

My personal life may be crowded 
with small petty incidents, 
but if I obey Jesus Christ 
in the haphazard circumstances, 
they become pinholes through which 
I see the face of God. 
~Oswald Chambers

Details can annoy us. 
They apparently didn't annoy Jesus.
Crowds needed food. Jesus fed them.
People were sick. Jesus healed them.
Children were coming to Him. Jesus held them.
"As He was on His way..."

This morning I am preparing to be "on my way."
The things I will face today are the details 
that the Lord has orchestrated.
And He is in them all.
My obedience to His voice in the most
seemingly insignificant circumstance matters. 
Every single person I interact with today
can experience Jesus through me
or they can get just me.
They MUST find Jesus!
Lord, today I apprehend Your grace 
to obey You in the smallest, 
"haphazard," details of the day,
so I have access to the pinholes 
through which I see Your face
and others touch Your reality.

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