Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bring Us Back

I was just given a CD by Brock Human-- 
The Color of Red.
I had never never heard of him before.
This CD has such a now sound,
a sound that answers the question:
What does it sound like 
when we sing heaven's songs?
The sound produced by an artist
who understands where we are culturally,
by an artist who believes there is ever-present hope,
by an artist who has an honest relationship with God.
This morning I have listened over and over 
to the song, "Silver and Gold."
For my own heart and for this nation,
it is a cry to God,
a cry to "bring us back to You again."
It is the only answer, the only hope we have.
To our silver and gold we've bowed down
We bow down to, instead, the Maker of all
Our hearts have lived out 
on the road that's so wide 
that we can't see our Savior at all.
Oh, sing to the captives 
there's rescue in sight
and untangle idols that have
blinded our eyes
Soften our hearts 
so Your rain can get in,
and bring us back to You again.
We've bought into lies
thinking men were so wise
when truth was just passing away.
Not hearing You call to us
"Seek My face,"
but lost in the pain of our ways.
We don't know you Lord
come and cover our shame,
the faith that is lacking 
the doubt that we blame.
Sing to the ashes 
let beauty arise,
the ones with the gnashing and bitter loud cries.
Speak to the wounded that You will rebuild
and bring us back to You 

There's rescue;
let beauty arise.

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