Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alpha and Omega

I was just reading in the King James Bible.
I generally don't read the thee's and thou's version,
but I was struck with a sense of holiness 
when I was reading that version this morning.
Psalm 18:30 in the King James says:
As for God, His way is perfect: 
the word of the LORD is tried: 
He is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

We don't use the word buckler much.
A buckler was up to 4 feet and covered the entire body.
I love when a new word paints a new picture.
God, You are my Buckler! 
Your way is perfect and I trust You.
Sometimes we need to "say it in English"--
The Message spins it into the familiar:
What a God! 
His road stretches straight and smooth.   
Every God-direction is road-tested.      
Everyone who runs toward Him makes it.

Sometimes we need to hear it that way.
But sometimes words need to 
evoke more than meaning.
They need to convey holiness 
and truth at a deep level.
He is the Alpha and the Omega.
The depth of the universe 
is contained in His Word.
It is holy.
I am so grateful for His gift of language,
alive and always creating.
Thank You, Lord, for Your creative 
active presence in our world.
"And the Word was made flesh, 
and dwelt among us."
You dwell with us still.
Make me a dwelling place 
that Your words can continue to go forth, 
creating life and light wherever they go. 
"The true Light that lighteth every man."

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