Friday, November 11, 2011


"Let us hold on to hope 
without the slightest hesitation—
for He is utterly dependable—
and let us encourage each other 
to love and do good deeds...
Let us do all we can 
to help one another’s faith." Hebrews 10

Today is 11.11.11.
I have a very cool birthday this year.
I intend to enjoy every minute of it...
one minute by one minute.
My heart is full this morning, 
full of thanksgiving for another year, 
another day to live this life I have been given.
I am filled with hope 
because I am filled with Him.
I loved the image below of 11.11.11.
We have the creative ability 
to turn every image into a declaration
of His goodness and faithfulness. 
I declare hope today, that I hold onto it 
"without the slightest hesitation"
and encourage others in the same hope.

Guard my life and rescue me; 
do not let me be put to shame,
for I take refuge in you. 
May integrity and uprightness protect me, 
because my hope, LORD, is in You.  Psalm 25

Father, thank you for giving me life
and allowing me to live it through Your Son.
Jesus, You are my great hope. 

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