Friday, October 14, 2011

Undaunted Faith

With undaunted faith he [Abraham] 
looked at the facts. 
Yet he refused to allow any distrust of 
a definite pronouncement of God 
to make him waver. 
He drew strength from his faith, 
and remained absolutely convinced that
God was able to implement his own promise. 
This faith was recorded as a divine principle 
which should apply to us as well.  
Romans 12

I love some of the wording in this translation.
Undaunted faith.
Refused to allow any distrust.
Drew strength from his faith.
Remained absolutely convinced.
Divine principle.
Should apply to us. 

Today Lord, I reach through to 
Your dimension and pull on 
Your divine principle for faith.
You have given me promises.
I receive Your grace to stand 
absolutely convinced that You are able 
to implement what You promise.
I actively refuse distrust.
Undaunted means "not tame or broken in,
not brought into a state of being subdued."
Thank You for Your grace which can keep us
fully alive to ALL You have promised.
My word for today.

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