Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turn to Me

"Whenever one turns to the Lord, 
the veil is removed. 
And we, with unveiled faces, 
reflecting as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,  
are being changed into the same image." 
2Cor 3
The antidote for the weariness 
that comes from daily life:
"Come to Me."
The antidote for the weariness 
that comes from self-reliance:
"Turn to Me."

The veil that blocks us from 
His face is the same veil
that keeps us focused on our own.
"Whenever" is an all-inclusive word.
All the time.  Every time.
We have no clue how to continually: 
forgive our friends, 
finish our assignments, 
train up our children, 
love our husbands,
change our attitudes.
But the answer every time:
Turn to the Lord.
Henry Drummond, the great preacher 
whose sermons were published in 1891, said:
"The glory of the Lord is His character.
When we turn to Him, 
we reflect the character of Christ."

To be changed into Christ's image is our life's charge...
"til Christ be formed in me."
His delight and ours.
Lord, by your grace, I turn to You 
so that I might reflect,
as in a mirror, Your character--
that others may see You, 
as You really are, in this world.

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