Thursday, October 20, 2011

Places of Pleasure and Purpose

"If there is any situation from which 
you are not prepared to step back,
 in recognition of the total adequacy of God, 
of Christ in you, 
then you are out of the will of God. 
The office of the Holy Spirit is to 
make known to you all that Christ is in you."
The Saving Life of Christ

I want to be able to submit everything 
that comes today--through faith--
to the all sufficiency of Christ, who lives in me.
This day looks big to me right now, 
not big because of big things, 
but big in terms of so many things. 
How I wanted to pull those covers over my head 
and just stay there a lot longer. 
Not gonna happen today.

"Christ works in me, both to will and act 
according to His good pleasure and purpose."
He works in me, whether I am aware or not, 
to set my will in alignment with His purpose. 
I have access to His strength and grace 
every moment of my day, 
resting my whole self on His sufficiency, 
banking all my trust on His love for me.
Jesus, Your adequacy is my promise.
I walk into this day wanting to follow You 
to Your places of pleasure and purpose.
I trust You.

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