Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Perfect Day

One thing I know, 
and this morning I know anew, 
 is that the things that rob us most 
are those things that are NOT life-- 
things like fear, doubt, weariness, 
pride, unbelief
and all their friends. 
His word says that He came 
that we might have life 
and have it abundantly.
John 10:10 

The word for abundantly is the Greek word 
meaning "violently excessive." 
So, why don't I feel like I have
violently excessive life right now? 
Because I have refused to reject 
the feelings that come against His life. 
Every day I get to choose. 
Which voice will I give my affection? 
Today, I refuse to be content 
with what is not life. 

Jesus, Your life is excessive, 
and You make us to ever increasingly 
reflect Your image. 
You made us to live in 
the very center of Your heart,
in the very center of Your life. 
The life that You have must become 
the life that is in me. 
Jesus, I fix my eyes on You 
and ask again that You would 
live Your life through me. 
The PERFECT day. 

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