Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overwhelmed by Mercy

"She saw that God had 
overwhelmed her with mercy..."

This morning, I read that about Elizabeth 
and am filled with a sense of that presence.
This morning I am so grateful that the Lord  
continually overwhelms me with His mercy.
When I am sensitive to His presence, 
I can see Him and hear Him all day long, 
in the little surprises that wait around each corner.
"Here I am," He says with a wink.
In big and small ways, He meets me like that.
Today I am reminded, 
"If you forget about yourself and look to Me, 
you'll find both yourself and Me...
I have called you into work with Me.
It is best to start small.
Give a cool cup of water 
to someone who is thirsty.
By doing the smallest act of giving,
you won't lose out on a thing." 
Matthew 10
Lord, I ask that You would give me words
that would bless and encourage everyone that
I get to be with and all who read these pages.
Your life going forth--living water.
Overwhelmed by Your mercy that,
 although You know every detail of my being,
You choose to make 
Your home in my heart.
Waves of mercy 
overwhelming me once again.
I pray Your mercy floods all who read 
these words today.
Your goodness is 
so NOW!

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