Monday, October 3, 2011

Not This Time

You know those movies where the bad guys 
are chasing and shooting at the good guy?
 And there are at least a bazillion bad guys 
and the good guy runs through and dodges 
all the bullets and gets away from all of them? 
All along you're thinking, Really???
 Not one of those guys knows how to aim? 
But, you cheer for the good guy anyway
 (who, by the way, probably did something 
that wasn't all that good, 
but somehow we are behind him like 100%
Glad this is a movie cause 
that is pretty much impossible. 
Or is it? 
We all have days when we feel like 
bullets are flying from every direction, 
trying to lodge in our thoughts. 
At some point, we probably did something 
that wasn't all that good...
self-focused, proud, offended 
(ummm, yeah, probably). 
But God is behind us like 100% 
and He is cheering for us anyway. 
This morning I faced one of those chase scenes. 
I couldn't sleep and was up at 4:30. 
I sensed the enemy crouching behind every corner 
as I sat down with His Word in hand. 
Immediately I thought about the darting movie guy. 
God so clearly said to me, 
"You will dodge every bullet this morning."
"When the enemy comes in like a flood, 
the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard 
against him and puts him to flight."
 Is 50:19
This morning I stand firm, 
knowing that although there are many 
thoughts vying for my agreement, 
I can't afford one that does not agree with Him. 
God desires me to trust Him when the bullets are flying. 
I keep my eyes fixed on You, Lord. 
You will guide me through the chase scenes
and keep me at perfect peace today.
You are my shield and I trust You completely.

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  1. I love this picture- dodging bullets "good" guy- it's so clear and relatable. And I feel encouraged.