Friday, October 28, 2011

My Strength

Some mornings I can't get out of the psalms.
And I am so grateful for them.
I find the words that lift up my soul like, 
strength, refuge, shepherd, rest, trust.
I was thinking about yesterday's "Turn to Me."
After writing that, which I believe and cry out for
with everything that I am, the day began.
Game on.
It involved people. And stuff that happened. 
Not everything happens exactly the way 
I would have scripted it.
Yea, sometimes, just a little different.
Those moments become weights in my hands.
Sometimes I push through 
and eek out the last rep.
Thank You Jesus!
Other times, not so much.
Next time.
Lord Jesus, this morning I come to You.
I repent for those moments 
I didn't turn to You by reflex.
You are my refuge and my fortress.
My God in whom I trust.
My desire is that my heart would be
continually turned in Your direction,
no matter what my hands are doing and 
no matter what direction my feet are going.
Today I ask for Your grace that
when those moments come, 
I look at the weights in my hand.
And I say then, "You are my strength."
All the way to the last rep.


  1. Making my own Psalm 62 declarations this morning and of course your conversation with the Lord echoes mine. V.5: "My soul waits only upon God and silently submits {O I am so good at that part!} to Him, for my hope, my expectation are from Him".
    Thank you for your heart to represent Him faithfully, fiercely, daily. I am encouraged and reminded to "lift up my eyes, from where does my help come from".

    Bless you today friend---

  2. Linda, Just want to thank you for your faithful friendship and encouragement. Taking the time to comment is just another example of how you give:) Psalm 62 is my declaration as well...silently submitting is one of those training weights:) Love you!