Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living Flame of Love

"O Living Flame of Love...
How gently and how lovingly
Thou wakest in my bosom,
Where alone Thou secretly dwellest;
And in They sweet breathing
Full of grace and glory,
How tenderly Thou fillest me with Thy love."
St. John of the Cross
Being chosen is our heart's deepest desire.
To be loved just because we are.
Ephesians tells us that God has an expanse of love
bigger than the space we can define,
deeper than this dimension we know as time--
and Paul cries out that we may know 
this unknowable love He has for for us.
A most glorious paradox.
We can know His love that isn't knowable.
This morning, I have been touched by the 
crazy, unfathomable love of God.
And I am so grateful for this 
wild grace that He pours out.
"You did not choose Me;
I chose you."

Chosen by the One who knows the 
deepest level of my being.
And chose me anyway.
O Living Flame of Love,
tenderly fill me with Thy love
all this day long.
"I am my beloved's and 
He is mine...
And His desire is for me."

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