Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lifted Up by Words

"Such as they were, they [the Hebrews] 
did well to be afraid. 
They were in better condition, 
acknowledging a terror above them,
 flaming on that unknown mountain height, 
than stopping to worship the idol below them. 
Fear is nobler than sensuality."   
George MacDonald

George MacDonald is one of those writers 
that I have to read in small doses. 
I find myself reading a couple of lines, 
and suddenly I am lifted up.
He is engaging reason--
 at the same time completely surpassing it. 
My mind recognizes that which is familiar, 
while my spirit is linking it 
to that which is yet to be known.
Expressing truth is one of life's 
greatest challenges. 
It is paradoxical, elusive, partial. 
But every revelation of truth 
awakens a desire for more. 
A writer, submitted to the Person of Truth, 
can find infinite ways to express 
those glimpses of revelation.
Twenty words can be arranged in a way 
that no one has ever done before 
and a truth is expressed
 that no one has ever heard before. 
At least in that way.
Words change us.
I read, "Fear is nobler than sensuality," 
and I stop to take a breath, 
incapable of moving to the next line.
And I see what he means, 
not just relative to worshipping 
the golden calf, 
but everywhere.
Fear, the high road.
Not the highest road, 
but a road that can lift us 
out of our low condition 
and lead us toward a junction of higher truth.
Lord, would You make me a wordsmith 
capable of expressing Your revelations 
in ways that lift people up 
to see who You really are.
I want to take a truth 
and build words to express it. 
An architect, a sculptor, a painter 
whose medium is words.
Beauty in its highest form of expression.
Isn't that how all craftsmen 
should feel about their art?

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