Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lifted Above

"I thought anxiety was represented as 
an evil in the New Testament, I asked..."
"Yes but a greater evil still is to lose it 
any other way but faith in God. 
You would remove anxiety by removing the cause. 
God would remove it by lifting them above it, 
by teaching them about Him, 
thus making them partakers 
of the divine nature..."      
The Heart of George MacDonald

One of my favorite writers, 
MacDonald throws out these tidbits 
that help me see things in ways 
maybe I never have before. 
A couple months ago, I was getting ready
to see my dermatologist about a mole I had found. 
I already had two melanoma moles removed 
so I had been anxious about this one. 
God so clearly spoke to me and said, 
"If that doctor has the power 
to give you peace where I cannot, 
then that doctor is an idol to you." 
It was so true. 
I had to acknowledge that the only way
 I thought I could have peace was by a good report. 
Forgive me Lord. 
You are my peace. 
Lift me above the circumstances 
and create peace in my innermost being. 
Let no man give me 
what I must get from You alone.  
Once again, He lifted me up. 
And He lifts me up again today.
And once again, I declare: 
Up is soooo much better:)

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